Collaborative Law: Divorce with Dignity

  • Two Collaborative Lawyers per separating couple – one per partner
  • Four-way meetings
  • Each Collaborative Lawyer advises his or her specific client
  • Focus is on amicable consensus

Collaborative Law involves a commitment from all parties – including your lawyers – to achieving a divorce agreement through dialogue. Negotiation happens in a series of face-to-face meetings involving you, your separating partner and your specially trained Collaborative Lawyers.

Collaborative Law allows you and your separating partner to agree a divorce settlement that is right for you at a pace that is comfortable for you, rather than having one imposed by the court. You and your separating partner each have the support of your own lawyer, who will offer guidance where needed but who will respect your wishes rather than push you to adopt a more aggressive approach.

If you have children, a Collaborative Law divorce can help ensure that their interests remain paramount and that you, as parents, can continue to communicate amicably with each other in the future.

Financial Advisers and other professional advisers may be brought in to help if everyone agrees it would be helpful.

The Collaborative Law agreement that you sign at the start of the process is binding on your Collaborative Lawyers and if, for whatever reason, the negotiations break down, you cannot retain the same divorce lawyer. This ensures they will do their best to help you achieve your Good Divorce.

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